Spa Gift Basket – Mothers Day Mother’s Day Gift Your Mom Will Love

Mother’s Day will be on the 9th of May. If you are still wondering what gift to buy mom to show her how much you appreciate her, you can send her a basket of pampering, which is a popular present idea for Mothers Day. Read this?

Spa gift baskets are filled with body and bath products such as bath crystals, massage lotion, body gel candle, aromatherapy, bathtub towel, drawer sacher as well as slippers and a wooden massager. Other options include a picture frame, book or CD of relaxing music. Even though some spa baskets contain cookies, chocolates or truffles in order to add a touch of luxury, they are usually non-food products. The purpose of giving mom a gift is offer her the luxury of relaxing from the comfort of her home.

Aromatherapy oils are available in the body lotions and soaps that are provided with the basket. Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils derived from plants, which help improve a person’s mental and physical health and well-being. The components that are active in each essential oil determine the use. Like the sweet orange essential oil obtained from the skin of the fruit it is generally 90% limonene. It is the chemical naturally found in citrus fruit. The fresh scent of sweet orange oil is thought to relax, and helps provide emotional balance and bring its consumers positivity. Lavender essential oil is also derived from lavender flowers. Lavender oil has the natural alcohol linalol, esters, ketones and aldehydes. Linalol is antiseptic and aids in healing skin irritations like skin irritations like acne, wounds and burns. It can help relieve stress, depression and anxiety as lavender oil can help regulate mood. People also like its sweet and soothing scent appealing.

While essential oils have been used for Aromatherapy for many years yet it’s not evident how they function. Some experts believe when we breath in the scent of essential oil, for example lavender oil, oils’ molecules can enhance the activities of neurons located in the limbic region that regulates emotion and memory. The oils that are found in body lotions and soaps are also absorbed by the skin consequently the beneficial effects of essential oils do not result from inhaling the vapor by itself.

Since spa gifts provide relaxation and healing, they can be an ideal gift for your mother. Another reason why they may be a better choice over other presents is because they’re generally non-food items. Spa gift baskets that do not have any sugary treats are great to mothers on a low-carb diet or can’t consume a lot of sugar.

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