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Dealerships of Cars for Sale

You will find a car dealership that buys here and pays here in any major city. Customers with poor credit can purchase a car from these dealerships and then pay their weekly/monthly installments directly to them. This service is available to all consumers, regardless of credit score.

This type of service has both good and bad points. These are the good ones: more about the author!

* A car loan can be obtained if you have bad credit and little money down.

* Credit inquiries will not be made. If you are working to repair your credit, this won’t impact it.

You won’t pay any interest, but the car will cost you more than if it were bought at a regular dealer. This can be good or bad.

* Students with part-time jobs can still be eligible for loans, which might not be possible at a traditional dealership.

These are some of the reasons you might not want to use such a service:

This will make it more expensive to buy a car.

* They don’t report to credit bureaus, so even if all your payments are on time, you won’t be building your credit.

Because they don’t check your credit, these dealerships will need a lot of information about you. They need your family, closest friends, two to 3 numbers to reach them at, proof that you are employed, and so on.

This service is useful if you’re in a pinch and need a car but don’t have the money to pay. However, if you can wait and save a little money for a downpayment, a traditional dealer will save you money and improve your credit rating.