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Dreams: Trusting the Divine Wisdom

Carl Jung discovered that all dreams can be produced by the unconscious mind. It is a superior mind. While he concluded it was God’s mind, he didn’t have a religious mindset. He confirmed that all dreams have some symbolic meaning. These meanings can be very different from the ones we are able to see based on our conscious logic. In order to know yourself better and own yourself better, you need to know what it means when you see a fox at night

My work has proved that the unconscious mind is God’s mind. After verifying God’s existence via the dream messages, I adopted a religious outlook. This is how I have learned to follow the divine guidance from dreams. Jung was not one of those people. Jung did not accept all of the things that were suggested by his unconscious mind.

I learned that God’s wisdom had to be respected. I could see the truth of my ignorance. I was not proud my scientific knowledge. I was both ignorant and simple.

My faith in the guidance in my dreams led me to realize that our brains had an evil and insane wild conscience (anticonscience). I discovered how to heal mental illnesses through dreams and the divine guidance they gave me.

Many people believe that dreams only exist in their imaginations, and that they are not of any real importance. They believe dreams are either the result of our imagination or reflect desires and fears that we subconsciously harbor.

I have to overcome a barrier to prove to the rest of the world that dreams are very important because they contain divine direction. Because dreams contain wise messages they are just like our daily lives, I have to show the world that dreams can be as important as theirs.

This is a fact that almost everyone can confirm by sending a dream and having it translated professionally or learning the dream language using my simplified. But if they reject the importance dream interpretation, they won’t be able believe we can take it seriously.

Dreams seem abstract and hard to understand. The dream language is complicated. It took me 20 years of work to simplify Carl Jung’s method for dream interpretation. Because there are so many details that must be translated into a dream it was extremely difficult.

A dream is a collection or images. You will need to take down all details in your dream images and interpret them according to the dream language.