The Secular Nature of Prescription Drugs

“Just refuse to use drugs.” How many times has this advice been heeded, yet people don’t even think of going to the local pharmacy to pick-up their prescriptions? If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, you can check it out on Your Highest Truth – masculine power

Drugs are now so widespread that North The United States is saturated with legal and illegal medicine. Prescribed drugs became so popular that trace amounts are being found in the food chain as well as in our drinking water.

It is amazing to see the number of people who die every year from adverse effects to prescription drugs. The number of deaths from adverse drug reactions is staggering. In fact, the United States has named them as the 4th leading cause for death.

The filing can make it possible for the pharmaceutical and medical fields to be considered criminal by civilized people. However, pharmaceuticals are usually legal and encouraged by modern medicine in the U.S.A. It is called “pharmakeia” in the authentic textual material and can be found in Galatians 5 :19-21.

Most Christians assume that the Apostle Paul meant unlawful medication. They can at most be acceptable with regard to the first component.

The 1st century AD was full of prescription drugs for hallucinogenic and Narcotics. Datura was a Jimson plant which contained alkaloids that helped the Oracles of Delphi get visions. Christians do not have to worry about defining pharmakeia in the context of thoughts altering medications or hallucinogenic medicines. Unfortunately, many Christians can’t find any dangerous or sinister non secular links with the medicines they have been authorized to use.

In fact, if Christians were equally concerned about the safety of their children’s prescription drugs as they are about their young children’s use of illegal medications, there would be far fewer deaths. It is because fatalities from adverse prescription drug reactions are often more common than those caused by illegal medication.

The truth is that deaths caused by illegal medication did not exceed the number required to produce the United States’ best ten killers records. However, Christians worry about the latter as though they are a problem. They overlook the danger to their health and spiritual well-being. Many Christians believe that authorized medicines are varied because they are part our health-related program. Simply put, they believe that any person with white robes can prescribe and dispense medicine. They do this without realizing that all things pertaining to the pharmaceutical industry violate the spiritual foundational fact of God’s teachings.

God does not condone pharmakeia. There are many good reasons. The fact that God calls Himself Jehovahrapha (God our Healer), could be the main purpose. He wants us to see Him as a therapeutic (to bring us total) because He alone can heal us. King David recognized this basic truth when he wrote:

Praise God, O my soul, but don’t neglect his many benefits– he forgives your sins. He heals all your ailments. He redeems your entire life from the pit. And he crowns you with compassion and love (Psalm103,2-4).

Christians who depend upon medicine for healing unknowingly deprive God of the glory and power to heal them. This is something that many Christians struggle to believe. They do it because they do not believe God to be their Healer. Because they think the age is over for divine healing, their faith is currently only a lie (a work of the flesh), known as pharmakeia. God is actually a jealous God. Once we realize our dependence on anything other than God, we can turn our backs toward Him. We have been saying, “God cannot or is not going to recover me.” He hasn’t and isn’t going recover me.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look for medical assistance. On the other hand, most medical practitioners are not religious and only know pharmakeia as well as surgical procedure and radiation. They are not aware of Yehovahrapha and the healing provision He gave during the plant kingdom. For most situations, it is not the physician’s fault. Only physicians are trained to provide care that is consistent with their knowledge.

God’s term tells us “Do not believe in any spirit, but test them.” (I John 4:1). Repetition: “Test everything.” Be strong. Avoid all types of evil” (I Thessalonians five.21-22).

This article wouldn’t exist if medications were essentially laboriously effective and could heal men and women without the need to kill or insanitate many people. But medication don’t recover. They suppress the indications at best. They may hospitalize approximately two million people each year and devastate hundreds of countless more each month.

We all need to realize that each medicine can be both great and terrible. The key difference between them is that excellent medicine only heals, and never harms. Bad medicine is not able to heal. Medication that doesn’t have the title of therapeutic is not usually from God. They belong to Satan.

God does not approve of any medication that kills and maims people for therapeutic purposes. This kind of modality does not reflect God’s values. God doesn’t get any glory through death. God gets the glory of treating the sick! The pharmaceutical marketplace doesn’t have any interest in treating the sick. They only want to sell more drugs and keep people on their medication.

That sentence that says “keeping them here for your relaxation of the lives,” is a key part of what God cares about. Galatians 5 21 will reveal the textual content that follows: “Those who dwell like this will not inherit God’s dominion.” The term “live”, as used in the Bible, refers to our daily routine, how we depend on others, and how we create it. Simply put: To live by.

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